Simplycity specializes in creating websites with a clean, modern look so that you can impress and attract more prospects and clients. We also provide consultation and print design services.


Simplycity was founded with a vision to make life easy for local businesses. Our mission is to put local businesses on the radar by creating and managing their online presence.


For any business, having a professional website, a positive reputation and a strong online presence are the cornerstones to success because they help bring in business.


Some local businesses are not aware of the impact these could make. Others chose not to make the investment because they do not have the time or money.  That's why we are here to help.



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Jessica has over 4 years of experience managing all things marketing for her previous employers. From web development to social media to blogging to search engine marketing, you name it, she's done it.

Because of her background in marketing, she will be able to deliver you not only pretty-looking websites, but also services that establish and strengthen your online presence. 

She takes time to listen to you to ensure the final product satisfies your vision and requirements. She is also efficient and responsive so you can expect a quick turnaround time.

Outside of work, she is a passionate foodie!