Simplycity specializes in creating websites with a clean, modern look so that you can impress and attract more prospects and clients. We also provide consultation and print design services.




First impression matters.

When a potential customer enters your website, whether your website looks attractive and professional is going to determine if the person stays to find out more about your business.

Once you've got them to stay, your website has to be user-friendly so they can easily find relevant and useful information. Complemented with prominent branding, your visitors are sure to remember you and the chances of them stepping into your local store increase significantly.

We understand what makes a good website and we will deliver.

Not only will your website look modern and professional, it will be optimized for search engines and mobile friendly.


Once your website is created, we will keep it running for you. Our server is located in Montreal with direct peering to Toronto (TORIX) as well as many other North American cities so loading speed is fast across North America. It has 99.99% up time and comes with 100GB SSD backed up storage.

Any updates you would like to make, simply send your request to us and we will make it happen. This way, your website is always on tip-top shape to attract new customers for you.


Want to try building your own website but need a little help here and there? We can help with that as well.

Simply send us your questions and we will answer them and point you to the right direction. Questions can be answered via emails, instant messaging (e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, We Chat...etc.), online screen-share meetings or in-person meetings, whichever way works best for you.


We are also skilled in designing print materials such as restaurant menus, flyers and posters. Check out our portfolio here.